May 23, 2021 – “Living As Chosen Strangers” – “A Study Of The Book Of I Peter” – I Peter 1:13-17 – Sermon Series

Living As Chosen Strangers 

A Study Of The Book Of I Peter ” 

Sermon Series

Pastor Kenny Hurst’s Basic Sermon Outline


–  There are three ways we are to live as “chosen strangers ” in this world:

–  Hope

      –  Children of God have the hope or “blessed hope ” that Jesus will come again to receive His bride.

      –  The terms “faith ” and “hope ” are both very similar in nature.

      –  “Hope ” comes from God’s eternal grace.

      –  The phrase “gird up the loins of your mind ” means that as children of God we must pull our thoughts together and focus on the Lord’s Second Coming.

      –  The phrase “be sober ” means to think clearly, be self-controlled and balanced with your life.

      –  I Peter 1:13



–  Holiness

      –  We as children of God should strive for holiness based on the Lord’s Second Coming.

      –  A saved child is an obedient child, while a person who isn’t saved is a child of disobedience.

      –  God calls the children of God to live in the light.

      –  God’s desire is for His peopleto be holy.”

      –  “To be holy,” means to separate ourselves from a sinful world and to be obedient to our Lord.

      –  I Peter 1:14-16

      –  I John 3:3

      –  Ephesians 1:4



–  Honor

      –  God is our Father and therefore we as children of God should imitate our Father.

      –  God is also our judge.

      –  As God’s children we must honor and hold our Lord in reverence.

      –  As children of God we will be judged at the Judgement Seat of Christ not based on whether we are saved, but instead based on our works and what rewards we will receive in light of them.

      –  The Lord chastens those He loves.

      –  I Peter 1:17