August 6, 2023 – “Good News In Bad Times” – “A Study Of The Book Of Luke” – Luke 3:1-6 – Sermon Series

Good News In Bad Times ” 

A Study Of The Book Of Luke ” 

Sermon Series

Pastor Kenny Hurst’s Basic Sermon Outline


–  John the Baptist

      I.  The Greatness of John the Baptist

            –  During the darkest of times in Israel, God called His final prophet, John the Baptist.

            –  It was also during the darkest of times that God sent His Son, Jesus Christ.

            –  John the Baptist was raised in a Godly home.

            –  Malachi 4:5-6

            –  Mark 1

            –  Luke 1:80

            –  Luke 3:1-2



      II.  The Greatness of John the Baptist’s Ministry  

            –  John the Baptist’s birth was foretold by the angel, Gabriel.

            –  John the Baptist, along with Isaiah, predicted the coming of Jesus Christ.

            –  John the Baptist’s ministry was 800 years ago.

            –  Isaiah 40           

            –  Luke 3:3-6



      III.  The Greatness of John the Baptist’s Message

            –  John the Baptist was faithful in preaching the need for repentance of sin only through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

            –  You can’t continue in sin while also claiming to be a child of God.

            –  When repenting of sin there needs to be a heartfelt sorrow over your sin, followed by a renouncement of sin and a turning to God.

            –  John the Baptist was steadfast in preaching that you must repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

            –  Matthew 3:2

            –  Luke 3:3 & 7-8