August 15, 2021 – “The Mystery Unveiled” – Romans 11:25-36

The Mystery Unveiled 

Pastor Kenny Hurst’s

Basic Sermon Outline


–  The term “mystery ” is defined as something that is difficult or impossible to explain.



–  The mystery Paul speaks of has to be “unveiled ” by God.



–  I.  The Mystery Of Israel’s Salvation

      –  The Jews continue to reject Jesus as the Messiah, which they have done over the past 2,000 years.

      –  The mystery Paul speaks of is that the Lord is not through with Israel.

      –  There is a small remnant of Jews that do look to Christ and are saved.

      –  Israel’s unbelief will only last until all of the elect of the Gentiles are saved.

      –  The Lord warns the Gentiles not to be conceited or “puffed up ” compared to the Jews and their place with God.

      –  God is the Originator of the Covenant Paul speaks of in Romans 11:27.

      –  God is the One Who will fulfill all of the conditions of the Covenant.

      –  God’s Covenant with Abraham from Genesis 15 is irrevocable, because God is immutable (God doesn’t go back on His promises).

      –  The Jews rejection of the Lord as the Messiah doesn’t change the fact that they are the Lord’s chosen peopleThe Lord Is Unchangeable!

      –  Romans 11:2-10 & 25-29

      –  Romans 9 & 10:1

      –  Zechariah 12 & 13

      –  Isaiah 27:9

      –  Isaiah 59:20-21

      –  Genesis 15



–  II.  Mercy In Israel’s Salvation

      –  Paul points out that all people stand on equal ground when they stand before the Lord.

      –  We ALL stand in need of God’s mercy in order to be saved.

      –  Romans 11:30-32



–  III.  The Majesty In Israel’s Salvation

      –  “Doxology Of Praise ” 

      –  Romans 11:33-36