April 11, 2021 – “God’s Sovereign Plan – Part 2” – Romans 9:25-33

God’s Sovereign Plan

Part 2

Pastor Kenny Hurst’s

Basic Sermon Outline


–  The only way we are saved is through faith and Christ alone.

–  God’s sovereign plan is consistent with divine revelation.

      –  God never intended to save all the descendants of Abraham.

      –  The Lord reserved a “remnantwithin the Jewish people that would be saved.

      –  The Lord’s wonderful grace and mercy is the only reason any were and will be saved from the Jewish populous.

      –  God always keeps His promises!!!

      –  Romans 9:25-29

      –  Romans 11:4-5

      –  Isaiah 10:22-23 

      –  Isaiah 1:9

      –  I Kings 19:13-14 & 18



–  God’s sovereign plan is consistent with human responsibility.

      –  The definition of the term election means, God graciously intervenes in the life of a lost sinner.

      –  The definition of the term reprobate means, God leaving you alone and allowing you to freely commit the sins you are going to commit.

      –  We must hold ourselves responsible for all our actions, our sins, and our unbelief.

      –  We are all born in sin, with no one seeking after God.

      –  God is sovereign in salvation.

      –  Romans 9:30-33